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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Ugli Fruit - 'Citrus Reticulata' x 'Citrus Paradisi' - fam: Rutaceae

An unfortunate name for a member of the Tangelo family. "The Ugli, or Ugli Fruit, is a Jamaican form of Tangelo, a citrus fruit created by hybridizing a Grapefruit (or Pomelo), an Orange, and a Tangerine. Its species is Citrus reticulata × Citrus paradisi.

The Ugli was discovered growing wild, (possibly having developed in the same way grapefruit was created), in Jamaica, where it is mainly grown today. The name is a variation of the word "ugly", which refers to the fruit's unsightly appearance, with rough, wrinkled, greenish-yellow rind, wrapped loosely around the orange pulpy citrus inside. 'UGLI' is a registered trademark of Cabel Hall Citrus Limited, under which it markets the fruit. 1

REFERENCE: 1 - Wikipedia - Ugli Fruit.


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