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Monday, April 3, 2017

Breadfruit - 'Artocarpus altilis' - fam: Moraceae,

Introduced into Australia, specifically Far North Queensland, by Samoan missionaries1, who eat it regularly as part of their staple diet, and where it is said to have originated, among other Pacific/Polynesian countries.

Breadfruit is around to egg-shaped fruit, with a thick, warty, greenish skin and white starchy flesh with a bread-like texture. It can weigh up to 4 kgs (8½ pounds).

If allowed to ripen to a yellowish colour, it has sweet and soft flesh. It also has a syrupy, sticky, white latex like secretion - like a Jackfruit, which requires an oiled knife for cutting. In fact, the Breadfruit is from the same family as the Jackfruit and the Mulberry - Moraceae.

The tree on which they grow, can reach 25, or so, metres (80 feet) in height !

REFERENCE: The Australian Tropical Foods1


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