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Monday, April 17, 2017

The Black Sapote - 'diospyros nigra' - fam: Ebenaceae

From the family 'Ebenaceae', genus 'diospyros nigra', this fruit comes, originally, from Central America, mainly Mexico, The Caribbean, and Colombia, 1, has the rare quality of tasting like a 'Chocolate Pudding' 2, when ripe. It is also referred to by the genus: 'Diospyros digyna'... and, the 'Black Persimmon' 3.

In Australia, six cultivars of the fruit are grown in NSW, and North Queensland - namely, 'Superb', 'Mossman', 'Rick's Late', 'Maher', 'Cocktail', and 'Bernicker' 1.

Inedible until ripe, this fruit has a yellowy-green skin which is soft and often disintegrates when cut. Ripe fruit measure about 5-10 cms - similar in size to a tomato. The flesh is best eaten by scooping it from the skin, with a spoon. Each fruit contains about 12 seeds.

The taste is astringent when unripe, but very chocolate-like when ripe. It is often enhanced by the addition of a liqueur such as Tia Maria.

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