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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Miracle Fruit - 'Synsepalum dulcificum' - fam: Sapotaceae

The Miracle Fruit is one name for 'Synsepalum dulcificum', although, unfortunately, in name only. It gets that name for the fact that, when the berry from the tree is chewed before a meal, the Miraculin within the berry causes sour foods, like lemons and limes, to taste sweet. The effect lasts from 10 minutes, to two hours, and is perfectly natural, and has no adverse side effects! 1

Common names for this species, and its berry, include Miracle Fruit, Miracle Berry, Miraculous Berry, Sweet Berry, and in West Africa, where the species originates, Agbayun, Taami, Asaa, and Ledidi. 2

The berries themselves have low sugar content and a mildly sweet tang, and are about the size of coffee beans.

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